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What's it all about?

Terry talks about the history behind why he designed this transformational course for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and how it came about...

I initially designed the Unlocking the Will to Act course to solve common entrepreneurial thinking and mindset problems whilst I was working alongside  one of the UK's most inspiring entrepreneurs at the time, helping him by mentoring his Mastermind members.

Nigel Botterill, is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the Entrepreneurs Circle (EC).

You see Nigel often talked on stage about how spending '90 minutes' working on your business every day will transform your business but for some reason many of the Entrepreneurs Circle members would regularly listen to him talk about committing to doing 90 minutes every day but for some reason (and often they don't know the real reason why) they would leave EC events inspired but then nothing changed.  Their behaviours stayed the same and all too often this was the case.

I remember Nigel putting me on the stage, at short notice as he often did, at one of his legendary 4 day Million Pound Masterplan events and I asked everyone in the audience to raise their hands if they knew that doing 90 minutes every day would transform their businesses.  There was around 120 business owners on this course and everyone raised their hands, including Nigel who was stood to the left hand of the stage.  I then asked the audience to keep their hands raised if they actually did their 90 minutes every single working day religiously.  Half a dozen hand remained raised.  One of which was Nigel's.  I will never forget the look on his face when he looked around and saw that although he had been teaching great content, to help Entrepreneurs achieve super success but what Nigel couldn't understand is why so any of these Entrepreneurs, who given up their most valuable asset to be there, their time, would not actually implement and put into practice the entrepreneurial secrets that he shared with the paying members.
It was almost like people were just paying to be members and then just talking about the stuff that they had learned.
I remember vividly, how the conversation went with Nigel;

"Nige, you teach all this content but why do you think that so few people actually implement what you actually teach"

"I have no idea" Nigel replied.

"I know, but I have" I replied - And Unlocking the Will to act was born

I went away and designed, developed and delivered a two day transformational training course which we called Unlocking the Will to Act and we began to help many hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs transform their behaviours and, in turn, transform their results.

The Unlocking the Will to Act programme is now my flagship training programme for business owners and entrepreneurs where we work on the level of your habitual behaviours (e.g. internal behaviours) and what we have found is that success is an inside job.

Important Note:  Just to avoid any confusion – The Unlocking the Will to Act course that I designed is my copyright and should not be confused with any similar named course that is still run through the EC.

So Why Do Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Work So Hard - But Not Always On The Right Things?
Let's Call it - The Law of Requisite Variety

Which is a fancy term for being able to have behavioural flexibility or having the ability to change what you do.  You see human beings are creatures of habit and we just love to do things the same way every day.  The funny thing is that we act in this way not consciously, but unconsciously, and this means we operate on a daily basis without even thinking about it.  A bit like being on autopilot.

The best example of this is driving.  All of us that have experienced driving for any length of time realise that often your mind wanders and before you know it you have missed your turn on the motorway.  Or maybe you change gear without thinking about it and this is a great example of operating at an unconscious level.

Some studies by Psychologists have reported that we operate on autopilot (or unconsciously) more than 70% of the time and this is the reason behind why people don’t change that much.

Bridging the Gap.

By this, I mean bridging the gap between where you are right now in your life (current results) and where you want to be (your goals, big plans or your purpose).

I speak to so many small business owners and entrepreneurs who are not really happy with their current results yet they either don’t ask for help from a coach or are afraid to open up their minds to the possibility of change.  This often leads to a life of frustration and mediocre results but it doesn’t need to be this way.

If you need help and your pride prevents you from asking for help then you're an IDIOT!

One of my former VIP coaching clients knew he needed some help but was too proud to ask for it for fear of what people think.  I asked him simply to think about what was most important to him (which was his family) and every time that he feared asking for help that he was having a detrimental effect on his family.  Essentially, don't think about yourself (internal) think of others (external) and his perception changed.  Guess what so did his results!

Habitual learning will keep you broke!
I coined this phrase a few years ago now because I saw so many people attending lots of different training courses and actually very little changed!

You see, when a Business Owner or Entrpreneurs business is struggling most people continually look outside of themselves for the solution to their challenges but very often their results don't change that much!

Very often they become a course junky or become dazzled by the next bright shinny object to help them succeed!
  I have seen this many hundreds of times now and I'm yet their unconscious behaviours don't actually change that much.


What I mean by that is...

…Success is 80% Psychology (mindset) and 20% Mechanics (strategy)

When a business is struggling, most business owners shift their entire focus to strategy. But 80% of the time, the choke hold on your business is actually your psychology. Yes, the strategy, the skills, the tools — these are all critical components to creating real and sustainable growth, but knowledge alone is not power, it’s simply potential power. Execution will always create greater results than theory. And execution starts with your psychology.

What would you say if I asked you this question;
I believe that, if I asked you, you would say to me that you want to be as successful as you can in your life?

But if I asked you to be honest and tell me how you think that you are actually doing?  The answer, I believe, would be found in one of the four possible categories:
  • 1.  I would find it hard to do any better any than I am currently doing now.
    2.  I'm OK, but I could do better.
    3.  I'm doing as much as I need to do.
    4.  I'm really not achieving very much at all other than just about getting by.
If you can say, in all honesty, that you fall into any of the last three categories then I would suggest very strongly that you are probably suffering from what I describe as "Procrastination Dis-ease".

This may well come as a shock to you - or maybe not?

It is essential, therefore, to clarify what I mean by the term Procrastination Dis-ease, that I have coined here.

"Any thoughts, emotions or sub-conscious behavioural aspects of ourselves that effects or limits what we want to achieve or where we want to be."
In business owners and entrepreneurs this can reveal itself in a multitude of different ways with different people.

Here are just a few:

    Poor sales results
    Being reactive every day and not proactive
    Not having clarity of purpose
    Not having a proper plan which to work to every day
    Not working to systems and processes as well as you should be
    Not taking thinking time every day
    Not achieving sales targets
    Lack of confidence
    Putting off key activities in favour of unimportant, comfortable tasks.
    Low levels of commitment
    Lack of motivation
    Continual friction in a valuable work or personal relationship
    Ineffective management or leadership
    Low quality communication
    Overly aggressive behaviour
    BMW's - Bitching, Moaning and Whinging

Like many other forms of illness, procrastination dis-ease can be diagnosed and treated, but a remedy can only be prescribed if you have really had enough of your condition and want to make improvements right now.

This is the real reason, albeit in a metaphor, that I set up this Unlocking the Will to Act Programme.

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